Capital 247 is an international umbrella company that consists of firms whose focus is on work involving both deal origination and capital investments. Capital 247 has various investments in different sectors, and we strive and succeed in accomplishing specific tasks for our clients. Of our many competencies we focus on deal origination, subsidiaries, business developments and top level advisory services for selected companies and governments. As a Turkish company, one of our goals is to improve the corporate environment of both our country and the region. We have a dedicated team to achieve our goals, consisting of experienced members who give us an international edge. As evidence of this, we have created a global network within which to carry out investments. Our core work ethics are based on trust, professionalism and people. These values are shared throughout Capital 247 and are part of our vision of the future.

Our Culture

- Always Entrepreneurial

- Business Development

- Project Management Leader

- Trust-Based & Long-Term Partner

- Long-lasting and Sustainable Relations

- Consensual Decision Maker

- Corporate Leader

Capital247 - Ömer Faruk Ünal

Ömer Faruk Ünal

Founding Partner

Ömer Faruk ÜNAL was born in 1978 in Ankara. He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Ankara. Ünal received his undergraduate degree from the Industrial Engineering Department of Gazi University and studied Master's Degree in Sociology Department of Yıldırım Beyazıt University. Since January 1998, he has gained considerable experience and competence in organizational management and consulting, and has consulted several international companies, thanks to his numerous individual studies in managerial and / or consultant positions.
In addition to his individual work, he has added his work life experiences such as "General Coordinator" in PGlobal Global Consultancy and "Assistant General Manager" in KENTIMAJ Urban Design. Within the scope of work; which contribute to the project is the financial center of Istanbul, which holds the agenda of the international economy, for 8 years, successfully held the "Istanbul Finance Summit (IFS)" primarily, prestige supreme giving many international brands in the country has assumed an important role in Turkey's international promotion.

Capital247 - Gürhan OKAY

Gürhan OKAY

Senior Partner / Legal Services

Dr. Gurhan Okay is one of the partners of Capital 247, and is in charge of our legal projects. He was admitted to practice in 1982. Dr Okay’s practice focuses on banking, project finance, securities, private equity, capital markets, IPO’s, mergers and acquisitions, competition, energy, privatisations and aviation. He participated in major projects such as privatization of Turkish Airlines, the initial public offering of Turkcell AŞ, and major privatisation tenders such as the privatisation of the Turkish gas monopoly BOTAS and the GSM1800 tender. He also advised many other organisations, including TAIB Bank Turkey, Deutsche Bank AG, Deutsche Telekom, Orange (Telecom France), Gerlicher Solar, Centrex Europe, Enerco Energy and Anadolu Ajansı to name just a few.

He was formerly the Deputy Director General – Legal & Compliance, acting CEO and Board Member of TAIB Investment Bank, the first foreign investment bank in Turkey and the Chairman and Board Member of its subsidiaries TAIB Securities Inc and PDF Corporate Finance.

He earned his PhD and LL.M. degrees at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia in International Banking and Finance. He completed another LL.M degree at the University of Istanbul in 1982. He graduated from University Istanbul School of Law in 1981.
He teaches law at Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakıf University.

Apart from his law degrees he holds a graduate diploma in computer science and holds a multi-engine air transport licence. 

Capital247 - Uğur ARAS


Chief Operating Officer - COO

Uğur Aras is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) in Capital 247. He has worked in the Human Resources departments of several companies as a senior analyst and in executive roles. He is specialised in competency based recruitment processes, performance management, career planning management, talent management, training needs analysis, internal control processes, organisation management, empowerment and remuneration, subsidiary rights management and staging of titles and positions. He also works as a consultant with both Turkish and international companies. He has his undergraduate degree in Econometrics from Uludağ University and a MBA degree from İstanbul University.

Capital247 - Michele Trincia, PhD

Michele Trincia, PhD

Business Development Director

Mr. Dott. Michele Trincia, is the Business Development Director in Capital 247. He has worked in the Executive levels in several companies such as Rest-Ital Milano Company as an executive, in Cogis Impianti Milano as the CEO, in Fata International Group as Chief Representative, in Canam Engines GmbH Berlin as CEO. Also he has worked as an consultant in Kasachstan, worked on a project to buy 33.000ha land for the Italian company TOF in order to grow bio sun flower, transport seeds to Italy, crush them there and manufacture in the TOF premises 100,000 T of bio oil. Mr. Trincia, was the Chairman of GIM in Moscow which is a Association of Italian Businessman.
Mr. Trincia, has his bachelor’s degree from Leipzig University and his doctorate degree in Rome Universtiy in linguistic. He can speak Russian, German and English fluently.

Capital247 - Batuğhan KARAER

Batuğhan KARAER

Partner / Financial Services

Batuğhan Karaer is a senior consultant in charge of financial valuation, financial business development and corporate development. Mr Karaer is highly experienced, top level finance executive. He works as a financial consultant and occupies the role of deputy chairman of the Finance Association. Over the last 10 years, he has worked as Assistant General Manager responsible for Strategic and Financial Investments in OYAK Group and General Manager for Corendon Airlines. He started his career as a Budget Specialist for the Tepe Group. He progressed to Deputy Budget and Audit Coordinator, Store Operations Manager and Assistant General Manager at the same company. After working for Club Dedeman for a period of time, he served as the Head of the Affiliates Management Branch for the Turkish Armed Forces Strengthening Foundation, which is in the Defense Industry sector. During this period he was a member of the Board of Directors for Aselsan, Havelsan, İşbir, Aspilsan and Tapasan Anonim Şirketi. After graduating from the Department of Business Administration at the Gazi University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, he then completed a Masters’ degree in Accounting and Finance from the same university before completing a Doctorate in Business Administration. He is based in Antalya and is married with two children.

Capital247 - Reha TEZCAN


Partner / Management Advisory

Reha Tezcan is a senior director in charge of sales and marketing advisory services in Capital 247. He has over 30 years of diverse local and regional professional experience in sales, marketing, business management and growth strategies in multinational companies. In line with a request for development and change, he provides management consultancy to companies for their achievement of business targets. His specific expertise areas are enterprise relationship management, operational blindness and change management. He has a BSc in Management Engineering from İstanbul Technical University and has his MBA degree from İstanbul University.

Capital247 - Handan EKER

Handan EKER

Partner / Supply Chain Services

Handan Eker is a foreign trade expert, and is in charge of the supply chain and sourcing services of Capital 247 and Seven24 Advisory. She has more than ten years of management experience and an in-depth knowledge in Turkish branded food production companies. Before her current position, she worked as the head of foreign trade department of Gulluoglu, a well-known baklava and candy brand in Turkey. She also worked as the export manager of Koska Helva (a well-known Turkish desserts company) for more than 5 years. Throughout her career, she has also gained expertise in the fields of sales and customer relations, sourcing, accrediting, helal certifications, marketing management and effective exhibitions. Eker has been involved in many sales and exports to both European and GSS Countries. Eker holds in Public Relations from Istanbul University.

Capital247 - Leila SETA

Leila SETA

Manager / Foreign Trade

Leila Seta is the Country Manager of MDC Turkey, a subsidiary of Capital 247. MDC Turkey is an exclusive member company of MDC trading and business network, which has active offices in more than ten countries. Mrs. Seta is also working under different titles on special projects in Capital 247. She is originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina. She is experienced in both the marketing and the banking sectors. She received a Bachelors degree in Management at the University of Sarajevo, and is currently obtaining her Masters degree at Istanbul Bilgi University in Marketing.

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